xReplace is a Search and Replace and spell checking tool for xCase (www.xcase.com)

xCase is a database design and maintenance solution for database designers and programmers from Resolution Ltd

It allows you to design your databases visually and automates changes throughout your data model.

xReplace provides a Search and Replace and spell checking facility for xCase models, allowing you to alter text and code within your xCase model.

If you want to alter the name in one of your Grid captions, alter code in a trigger or simply fix a spelling mistake then xReplace makes this easy for you.


  • Search for text throughout the model.
  • Do case sensitive, non case sensitive and exact match searches.
  • Replace specified instances of the of text or perform global replacements.
  • Set certain elements not to be updated.  For example you could select not to replace text in Grid captions.
    Next time you use xReplace this setting is remembered for you.
  • Spell check your xCase model
  • Backup your model to a zip file.

You can use the link below to download a trial copy of xReplace.

The trial copy will do everything the full version does, except the final update of your xCase model.  It will however show you the results screen showing what the replacements would have been if you were using the full version

Download xReplace

How to purchase xReplace

xReplace cost just $49 (forty-nine US dollars).

To purchase your copy of xReplace please contact us at sales@foxprotools.com and we will send you a PayPal invoice.


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