OLE Fixer

Make your upgrades of ActiveX control painless.

Do you dread having to upgrade your ActiveX controls to new versions?

How many times have you tried to open a form or class and got an error message saying:



This is normally caused by the version of the control on your computer not being the same as that used in the for in the Class or Form.

This can happen when the control on your computer has been replaced by a newer, or older, version when you installed some software or upgraded the controls supplied by the manufacture to the latest version.

You cannot open the class or Form in the normal way to change the control.

Just think of all that code you have lost!

OLE Fixer is a Visual FoxPro Developers tool that allows you to replace all the old ActiveX controls in Classes and Forms in a directory in one go.



It will search though the files in a directory and provides you with a list of OLE / ActiveX controls that are contained in the Classes and form.

You then select the new controls to replace the old ones with and mark which ones you want to replace.

Click on the replace button and OLE Fixer will replace the old version of the control with the new one for all the Classes and Forms in the directory.

The information is saved and you can then select another directory to replace controls in.

OLE Fixer will save you HOURS of development time and pay for itself in the time you save converting to new ActiveX controls.

Now you can maintain the latest version of controls in your apps without the upgrade nightmare.

Download the help file
to see what the program can do for you.  1.52 MB

Down load OLE Fixer from here:

OleFixer Download 3.2 MB

You can try it out in demo mode before purchasing it, the demo version has all the features of the full version, except that it will not actually do the control replacement for you.

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OLE Fixer is ideal for upgrading

DBI Technologies

set ActiveX controls that integrate very well with Visual FoxPro

Check out www.dbi-tech.com for more details on these if you aren't using them yet

Version 2.1 released 18th March 2004

Added code to take care of Forms and Classes having spaces in their names.

Whilst OLE fixer is unable to handle these files, it will inform you of which files there is a problem with rather than giving an error message

Version 2.0 released 8th February 2004

This has some changes to the user interface, mainly the removal of the white background screen.
The functionality is the same and the previous version.

If you are upgrading you only need to download and install the version for those who have VFP 8 installed.

Current users will not need to obtain, or enter,  a new key as the old one will work 

OLE Fixer costs only 250 US Dollars.

Secure payment via PayPal

 Please email us at sales@foxprotools.com and we will send you a PayPal invoice

Once we have received your payment through PayPal we will send you the codes to allow you to run it in full mode



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