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Dear Avian Management Services,

Thank you so much for OLE Fixer.  This product, in its first use MORE than paid for itself assisting us overhauling our CTTools components.

Your help file is excellent and is all that is needed to quickly be using OleFixer to complete what used to be a long and arduous task.

The program interface, and attention to detail throughout make OLE Fixer not only easy to use, but as well, highly effective for the work it is designed to improve and accelerate. With OLE Fixer we were able to accomplish our overhaul in 1/10th of the time these usually take and at $295 this meant that our investment in your program paid itself back after one hour of using it! 

OLE Fixer is simply a MUST for any FoxPro Developers who use DBI's CTTools.

Thank you for a fantastic product, great support, and for making our overhaul a breeze.

Bruce Landry
President, EZK Data Systems
World-wide IT consulting and support for Fortune 1000 companies.


We have cut the price of OLEFixer from $295 to just $99

OLE fixer is now priced at just $99, so it's even better value




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